Sculptures from the Wemhöner Collection

Edited by Philipp Bollmann
Author Ulrike Münter
Graphic Design Margarethe Hausstätter, Berlin

ISBN: 978-3-86678-858-9

Format: 24,00 × 28,00 cm
Pages: 200
Illustrations: 19 colored and 55 duplex illustrations
Cover: Hardcover, bound, with dust-jacket
Languages: German

The third volume on the Wemhöner Collection again confirms the unpredictability of Heiner Wemhöner’s view of art. In his everyday life, he is surrounded by sculptures by Stephan Balkenhol and the Italian avant-garde. The abstract stoneware by Ulrich Rückriem mirrors the controlled contoured bronzes of Tony Cragg. And while Ernesto Neto secured his way into the collection with oversized childhood memories, a ‘steel line’ by Bernar Venet is still waiting for the right spot. But what does Asta Gröting’s cast of an acre of land and the precariously buckled street posts by Bettina Pousttchi have to do with each other? The works are annotated by the art historian Ulrike Münter and chronicled in an interview with Heiner Wemhöner. The Berlin photographer Andrea Stappert portrays the sculptures at the spot where they found their place in Heiner Wemhöner’s life.

Artists: Horst Antes, Enrique Asensi, Stephan Balkenhol, Roberto Barni, Reinhard Buxel, Chen Guangwu, Sandro Chia, Girolama Ciulla, Tony Cragg, Michael Croissant, Frank Dornseif, Asta Gröning, S. C. Hausi, Dietrich Klinge, Eliseo Mattiacci, Igor Mitoraj, Ernesto Neto, Nunzio, Mimmo Paladino, Bettina Pousstchi, Ulrich Rückriem, Giuseppe Spagnulo, Peter Stauss, Bernar Venet, Wang Shugang, Trak Wendisch, Yue Minjun